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We Meet Again
These two beautiful blondes lock up again and prove they can hold their own with anyone. Having previous fought for Jaguar Videos, they are not strangers, nor do they like each other one bit.
30 mins / $49.95

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The Better Woman
Hot, blonde Kimberly, fresh off of her victory over scrappy Amber, is full of herself, and believes no female can beat her.
31 mins / $49.95

The Bitch Gets Pummeled
Dynamo Amber is oh so cocky as she squares off against terrific looking blonde Kim and a mean spirited battle takes place featuring wrestling, cat fighting, scissors, full nelsons, school boy pins, hair pulling and slapping, as each femme gives as good as
40 mins / $49.95

You Can't Fight It, You're Mine
Kristie is gorgeous, strong and power packed as she gets what she wants. In this case it is domination of the sexy, luscious, big-titted blonde
30 mins / $49.95

Come and Get It
The beautiful Treena more than meets her match in both the looks and wrestling departments as the blonde Belinda, clad in a sexy thong-like pink bikini makes her debut at the Joan Wise Club.
30 mins / $49.95

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Allison has forced the truth from Max and decides to confront the other woman, Toni Lindell, and teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.
26 mins / $49.95

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Treena Collins' Debut at the Joan Wise Club: We were ecstatic over our latest find--the beautiful Treena Collins who simply has it ALL.
30 mins / $49.95