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Tigra (Leia) v. Jim
What an awesome specimen is the stunnng Tigra! And what a treat it is to witness her total devastation and anihilation of Jim.
32 mins / $49.95

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Thea Bennington v. Kris Luebke
Two of the most muscular, powerful women on the planet bring their talents to the mat in this fierce wrestling match.
32 mins / $49.95

Thea Bennington v. Wally
Gigantic Female Bodybuilder Thea Bennington--5'10" and 180 lbs.-first matches strength with Wally--winning every time. Then she just takes him apart brutally with numerous painful holds and throws.
33 mins / $49.95

Karla Nelson v. Wally
The unbelievable world champion body-builder Karla Nelson brings her considerable talents to the Joan Wise Club as she destroys ittle Wally.
35 mins / $49.95

Cheryl v. Wally
Big and powerful, beautiful and sensuous, competitive bodybuilder Cheryl, 5' 9.5", 160 lbs., enjoys nothing more than to destroy a male. She uses each and every one of her magnificently developed muscles to crush and torture Wally.
30 mins / $49.95

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Get Off of Me
A combination of strength, skill and awesome power make the turn-on Leia "Tigra," 5'8", 165 lbs, a sensation on the mat. After boxing a round with Jud, she now proves she is bigger, stronger, and more awesome than ever.
30 mins / $49.95

Trevelyan v. Jud
The awesome bodybuilder Trevelyan at 160 lbs. seeks and destroys Jud. Her magnificent upper body and incredible thigh power serve to crush, smother, and torture her male victim.
30 mins / $49.95

Figure 4 headscissors, reverse headscissors, and standing headscissors all serve to convince poor beaten Wally that he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the world famous athlete and bodybuilder continues her annihilation.
35 mins / $49.95

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Two powerful bodybuilders go up against each other in an amazing display of strength. Trevelyan, 5'5" 150lbs, can bench press 350 pounds and dead lift 505 pounds and we know how strong Lee is at 5'7", 142 lbs.
30 mins / $49.95

Instant Video

Natasha v. Jud
Yes, we've done it again-another new, strong, turn-on lady who will do it all, and oh, so well. Wrestling, domination, headscissors, facesitting, all appeal to sultry and very powerful Natasha, 5'6", 148 lbs., competitive bodybuilder, who truly loves noth
36 mins / $49.95