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Fair And Square

46 min. / $49.95

From: (BB) Dominating Breasts

Featuring: Mandi   Susan  

Instant Video

Mandi is a powerful, voluptuous blonde, 5'9", 240 lbs and 54 DD enough to pulverize a normal mortal with just her weight. Add to this size a huge, shapely ass and thighs, plus a mean streak and you've got a human destruction machine. Susan is beautiful and scrappy. These ladies go to war. This battle has excrutiating head scissors, vicious breast-smothering, hair-pulling, pussy-slapping, boob-grabbing, wedgies, spanking and crotch to crotch action. Mandi strips Susan naked. Susan covers Mandi's face with her nude crotch. This makes Madi angrier. She punishes Susan with a vengeance. Susan's head almost disappedars between Mandi's tree-trunk sized thighs. Mandi's big ass becomes almost a lethal weapon as it smothers Susan's pretty face. After being thoroughly beaten, Susan is forced to put each toe into her mouth and lick the bottom of Mandi's feet. Her tongue moves up Mandi's leg to her crotch where she gives the big woman a huge (we mean really huge) body quivering orgasm, even though Mandi still wears panties. At the end, both girls are totally spent. Mandi is on the bed Susan collapses with her head between Mandi's legs. You will also be "spent" and probably much sooner than either Mandi or Susan. This is a terrific video between two special women with a whole lot of turn-on face-sitting.