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Mandi's Weighty Revenge

46 min. / $49.95

From: (BB) Dominating Breasts

Featuring: Mandi  

Instant Video

With her oversized sexy legs, tits (54DD) and body, Mandi is a two hundred pound plus hunk of woman, big enough to satisfy the most ravenous appetite. her power is awesome and she is more than happy to use it on a small, but big-mouthed male. Mandi's tits are so huge that when she forces Scott to take a dive between them, his face disappears from view. When she sits on his face, her enormous and shapely ass engulfs him. She takes pleasure in putting him into lingering scissor holds, bouncing on his chest, putting him into full nelsons, pulling hair from his chest, and grabbing his manhood. Scott begins with an attitude, but quickly gets reduced to a quivering, pathetic excuse for a man. Mandi alternates between kindness and tyranny. She 'll caress his chest, then pinch his nipples unmericfully. Soctt gives up constantly. Mandi doesn't care. She makes him lick her toes and legs. At one point, Mandi picks up her panties and sticks his head into her crack. Scott takes it and more. Towards the end, Mandi digs her high heels into Scott's body. She brings her heel close to his mouth. Scott is in pain. This is a terrific female domination video, with an exta powerful woman doing a number on a small, beaten male.