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Crime Doesn't Pay

63 min. / $49.95

From: (DWM) Dominatrix Without Mercy

Featuring: Bunny Glamazon  

Instant Video

Burglar Jud shows very poor judgement when he decides to enter Bunny's home. Had he known that Bunny Glamazon is 6' 3" tall, very voluptuous and extremely well-endowed, with the temper of a bobcat and a personality as force- ful and dominant as that of a Kodiak bear, he would have taken the first opportunity to leave town. Catching him red-handed, Bunny makes Jud her property, with all its consequences. He has to strip, and his hands are tied to his back. Bunny uses a vice on Jud's pride and joy, and a whip on other vital parts of his body.She settles her breath-taking butt on his face. This close confrontation with such beauty leaves Jud breathless and very impressed. Bunny's business is domination and she is very good at it.