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Larissa v. Jud

30 min. / $49.95

From: (MVT) Joan Wise Muscle Domination

Featuring: Larissa  

A real-life drama unfolds, as the Amazon Larissa, 5'9, 178 lbs , goes after Jud, who has foolishly refused to lend her his car, but has loaned it to their good friend Carla, on the sly. Of course, the superwoman learns of Jud's deception, and literally dressed to kill in a sexy skirt, fish net stockings and high-heels, she uses all of her champion bodybuilders muscles to pulverize and annihilate her witless foe. Scissors to drive you wild are the modus operandi as the onslaught begins. Surely there is no one any better. at punishing a male with her super strong and gorgeously muscled legs than Larissa. Immobilizing, and oh-so-tight schoolboy pins, and cross-body pins serve also to weaken the over-matched male as he pleads for his life. Looking lovelier and stronger than ever, the awesome Amazon takes no heed to his pleas of surrender, and continues to torture him mercilessly with an incredible assortment of head scissors, figure-4 standing, front, rear. She is truly having the time of her life, as evidenced by her smiling eyes, and the sheer enjoyment, on her beaming face. This slaughter is not for the squeamish, as the magnificent bodybuilder really put it to her destroyed protagonists She now decides her victim is her pet dog, and she will now play some games with him. This done, she next bounces up and down on his prone body, slams her elbow and knee into his throat, stands and walks all over him, puts him into a devastating tight schoolboy pin, and then secures and administers one final crushing head scissors, and makes him truly beg for his life. Fans of Larissa will thrill to yet another great video of their favorite head scissors queen.