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Larissa v. Vicky

32 min. / $49.95

From: (MVT) Joan Wise Muscle Domination

Featuring: Vicky   Larissa  

Instant Video

A classic! "Must be seen to be believed!" These were comments made by fans who were present at the annihilation, as the biggest, most powerful lady of all, champion bodybuilder Larissa, 5'9.5", 185lbs, took apart the tiny but valiant Vicky at 5'0", 100lbs. Sent by "The Organization" to put a stop to Vicky's spying, Larissa really goes to town and dominates, punishes, tortures, and humiliates her victim. We witness lifts, carries, throws, airplane spins, tight schoolboy pins, cross body pins, breast smothers, and incredibly punishing headscissors of all varieties as the onlsaught continues. Proclaiming, "Your desitiny is to die of suffocation," the blonde Amazon uses her magnificent backside to accomplish just this. You've asked to see the awesome Larissa face-sit, and you will be driven wild as she uses her great ass to punish and suffocate her tiny victim. She is so very dominant as she makes poor Vicky obey her commands. "Crawl", "Bark like a dog", and "Now I'll ride you like a pony", and does she ever enjoy her victory.