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The Organization

28 min. / $49.95

From: (MVT) Joan Wise Muscle Domination

Featuring: Larissa  

Instant Video

Once again, Larissa is engaged by "The Organization" to avenge a member's death, and the victim is Wally, who will rue the day he was born after the biggest, strongest Amazon of all is through with him. Larissa is much bigger at 5'9 1/2", 185lbs, and more powerful, and proves she is all woman as she uses every part of her body to crush and destroy her stuggling opponent. Although Wally tries his very best, the blonde warrior uses her great wrestling skills and incredible legs which crush him like a python, and an "ass to die for" in this awesome display of female superiority. Her victim's pleas for mercy only spur her on to an even greater anger and she is relentless, asking "How does it feel not to breathe, scumbag?" as she uses her magnificient backside to punish and then engulf and devour his battered head and face. "Die you bastard" are her last words as she uses her ass to suffocate her unconscious victim. Great, great headscissors action and awesome facesitting in this sensational video, as Larissa proves once again how truly dominant she is as she tortures and humiliates an overmatched male.