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The Bouncer Disappears

33 min. / $49.95

From: (JV) Jaguar

Featuring: Jill  

Instant Video

Gorgeous blond newcomer Jill is a Jaguar lady in the truest sense - mean, strong, spirited, agressive, and definitely not satisfied until her rival is left destroyed and helpless. Jill looks terrific in her cutoff jeans, and proves to be a rough customer as she slaps kicks and generally manhandles her male foe. Rocky begs and pleads for release, but Jill covers his foolish mouth with her now naked cunny and ass, and Rocky struggles to breathe, and just stay alive. Jill's magnificent legs and ass do a number as they squeeze, smother, and pound poor Rocky into submission. The dynamite lady combines an athletic grace with high-voltage energy, and legs of steel that just won't quit as she takes Rocky apart piece by piece.