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Suck My Great Big Ass

30 min. / $49.95

From: (BB) Dominating Breasts

Featuring: Alecia   Rock Rose  

Instant Video

Rock Rose, 5'11", and 215lbs. is a sight to behold as this full-figured Amanzon with 52DD jugs goes after super sexy, tiny, but always spirited Alecia Ames. The Amazon has to prove herself the better woman as the gorgeous blonde tigress Alecia fears no woman. Once again, a super female domination video where a beautiful, big-titted little girl gets her just desserts at the hands, feet, tits, and ass of a massive woman. After being humiliated and dominated for what seems like an eternity, sly Alecia exacts her revenge by attacking her huge opponent as she sleeps, and now it's Alecia's turn to face-sit for all she's worth and what a turn-on this is--watching huge Rock lift and carrly little Alecia like a feather and breast smother and face-smother her will drive fans of female wrestling domination wild. What a video treat!