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When I Say Jump, You Jump

33 min. / $49.95

From: (JV) Jaguar

Featuring: Nancy  

Instant Video

When gorgeous Nancy finds her idiot husband Rocky lounging at the pool instead of getting ready for her sister's wedding, there's more than hell to pay. Sexy and strong beyond belief is Nancy, and it's a pure treat to watch her kick Rocky's ass upside down and sideways. What a beating Nancy applies as she tortures and punishes her hated male foe with wrestling holds. She nearly rips off his head with a series of excrutiaating head-scissors. Reverse... figure 4... standing... - as complete and awesome a job of head-scissoring as ever seen. Now stark naked, the ferocious beauty shoves Rock's battered face and head into her waiting cunny and if there has ever been better face-sitiing we haven't seen it. Riding, grinding, pumping and Nancy is having the time of her life. Rocky is terrified, and fears for his life, as Nancy relishes his crying and pleading. A sensational video, one which will take its place among your all-time favorites.