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Florida Frenzy

32 min. / $49.95

From: (JV) Jaguar

Featuring: Amazonia   Alexis  

Instant Video

Stunning, cunty Alexis just loves to devour men, and poor Jim is just her meat. Big- titted, great assed, and making good on her promise to prove Jaguar women's superiority as Alexis' powerful thighs entrap, punish and crush Jim's head, and her huge, shapely boobs engulf and smother him half to death as the bottle rages. Lots and lots of lethal headscissors, and smashing face-sitting, as the sexy lady rides, pumps and grinds away on her victim's hapless face. Enraged now and applying a painful bow and arrow, a vicious chicken wing, and using her tits like a battering ram, Alexis has Jim begging for release, but her proclamation of "you don't give until I say so," is followed by more punishment as the destruction continues. Super wrestling, wrestling domination, headscissors, and face-sitting action in this terrific video.