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Destruction of Adonis / You Piss Me Off

65 min. / $49.95

From: (JV) Jaguar

Featuring: Raven   Sharon  

Instant Video

Part One: Damian with the body of a Greek god thinks he is hot stuff. Raven thinks otherwise, and she decides to pove he is nothing more than a gorgeous hunk of wimp. You've never seen nude wrestling like this before. Their hot, nude bodies wrestle in every conceivable hold and erotic position. An incredible Raven does a brutal job on this gorgeous hunk, and though sexy handsome Damian fights for his life and manhood, he is no match for Raven, who leaves him helpless. A fantastic video on all counts. Part Two: Arrogant Jason pisses off Sharon. She tells him so. Laughing Jason remains arrogant. This is a big mistake. With slaps and punches she starts to make Jason pay. Sharon knows how to destroy his macho attitude and brutalizes him with all sorts of painful holds. She kicks the stuffing out of him and pulverizes him. Then she pulls him around the room and further humiliates him. There isn't much she doesn't do to him before he crawls off with his tail between his legs. A domination special.