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Sex Fight at the Gym

38 min. / $49.95

From: (BCE) Brandenburg Erotic

Featuring: Brandenburg Women  

Instant Video

The action starts when Raisia enters the gym to find another girl masturbating, naked and alone on the mat. Embarrassed by being discovered in such a compromising position, yet already turned-on, the girl on the mat forcibly drags a reluctant Raisia into the action. The sex fight that follows is simply superb!

Raisia is shocked and upset by being taunted in such a blatantly sexual way, and tries to escape. Unfortunately for her, the sex attacker is too dominant for her and she cannot escape - she is forced to stay and defend herself. It doesn't take long before Raisia forgets about being groped, and starts to really get into it. The two sexy ladies are noticeably aroused by one another, with the action quickly reaching a fever pitch as each tries to force the other to orgasm. Bare crotches are spread and diddled, breasts are bitten and licked, and the kissing is deep and impassioned as the temperature begins to rise. The action is feverish and rough as the tussle moves on towards its inevitable sexy conclusion.

There is some hard ass slapping and rough manhandling of each other as the entwined ladies struggle from one side of the gym, across to the other, and back again. The two beautiful bodies of these women roll and writhe all over each other to the point where you cannot tell where one fighter ends and the other begins.

As each woman nears the height of sexual excitement, the tempo increases with some really sexy, wriggling facesitting, and some close-up cunny mauling shots. Eventually, the excitement reaches the breaking point, and the two ladies each reach screaming orgasms at the hands of the other. This is a really sexy video that should turn on any fan of erotic wrestling.