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40 min. / $49.95

From: (BCE) Brandenburg Erotic

Featuring: Brandenburg Women  

Instant Video

In this steamy erotic match, sexy newcomer Margot is pitted against the beautiful and luscious full-breasted Raita. Raita has participated in both competitive and erotic matches in the past, and has proven herself not only to be a worthy combatant but also to be quite an insatiable sexual animal as well. Both of these girls are ready, willing, and able, and the video is not to be missed.

The tape starts with the two sexy brunettes slowly removing their bikinis before they meet in the center of the mat to have it out. Raita asserts her dominance quickly, throwing Margot to the mat and proceeding with a series of body scissors and rubbing her pussy all over her opponent's torso. By this point the two fighters are totally turned-on, and kiss each other furiously as their bodies undulate in unison. There's plenty of nipple biting and pussy rubbing as the girls move ever closer to their inevitable orgasmic end. The eroticism that highlights this tape is remarkable.

After an exciting give and take, the two sexpots wind up in a super-sexy 69 position with the more dominant girl on top pressing her ass down on the girl's face beneath her while furiously rubbing her clit. There are some nice close up shots of the bottom girl's pussy being rubbed and smacked to orgasm. Neither lets up until each girl cums at the other's hands. A great erotic tape. Hot hot hot!