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Cum and Cum Again

35 min. / $49.95

From: (BCE) Brandenburg Erotic

Featuring: Brandenburg Women  

Instant Video

In this match-up, sweet, 20-year-old Rasa, a sultry dark-haired beauty encounters the sexy and pretty brunette Margo. The fight starts with both women completely nude, and it isn't long before furious Rasa has Margot flat on her belly in a kind of surfboard pin. It is a real turn-on watching these two hotties with their beautiful naked bodies pressed together as they grapple and roll on the mat. Seeing these two do their thing is sexy as Hell!

After "feeling out" the "ins and outs" of each other's wrestling techniques with numerous pins, straddles, and erotic holds, the two hot ladies become noticeably aroused by their close contact. The sexy sounds of panting and deep breathing increase as the sexual energy escalates, interrupted only by the sounds of naked flesh slapping the mat as they scrap it out.

The wrestling becomes more and more sexual with the two girls writhing in ecstasy as they near their ultimate goal - orgasm. Their heavy breathing turns to moaning as each girl kisses and caresses her opponent. With breast to breast and pussy to pussy with their lips locked in deep passionate kisses, you can see that things can't continue at this pace for long.

Erect nipples are tweaked and played with. Both girls' wide open and dripping wet pussies are rubbed and fingered over and over as the undulating motion of their bodies become even more frenzied. Moving ever closer to the edge, one of them finally cums with all her might. Next with some great crotch to crotch humping, the second girl too reaches the peak of excitement and cums like a wild woman! This is one terrific erotic tussle with hot and completely uninhibited girls, and a super orgasmic climax that can't be beat.