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Deadly Amazon

32 min. / $49.95

From: (JV) Jaguar

Featuring: Amazonia  

Instant Video

Fans who were left breathless when Six Foot Tall Amazonia made her debut last year, will be even more impressed now as the unbelievable Amazon pulverizes and crushes ex-college wrestler, Jake. Combine a body you must see, with shapely, huge tits and ass, power to spare, a mean streak a mile wide, and you have Amazonia. Jake is a truly skilled wrestler, and gives it his best shot, but this is one war he must lose, as Amazonia's size and strength are awesome to behold. If you like lots of dynamic submissions, followed by sensational wrestling and pulverizing headscissors, suffocating breast smothers, awesome schoolboy pins, and a mean, vicious, relentless lady taking apart a male challenger you'll love this video. When the super lady places her dynamite, sexy ass on her victim's face and sits you'll go wild, as she tortures the poor bastard with absolutely must-see face-smothering and he's left pleading for not only release, hut his life as well. Don't miss this great video!