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Doughdee Marie vs. Jud

36 min. / $49.95

From: (MVT) Joan Wise Muscle Domination

Featuring: Doughdee Marie  

Instant Video

Doughdee Marie is considered by most to be the strongest woman in the world, and we have finally managed to get her to visit the club. Old reliable Jud has stood up to any and all of our Fighting Femmes, and it was he who we called upon to withstand the vicious onslaught. Jud takes a beating like no other man can, but finally he has met his Waterloo. The 170 pound (all muscle) glamazon fills up the screen like no one else, and you just know that she will make good on her vow to "murder the schmoe". The honest truth is that she was truly furious at Jud for lying to her, and her match with him was her opportunity to get even. Turn-on Doughdee Marie puts on what probably the greatest display of wrestling dominance ever, as she applies jaw-breaking headlocks, and tight school-boy pins which almost smash his chest, and also flips him around like a rag doll, as well as smothers him with her powerful chest, and even abuses and hurts his private parts. What she does next is take the world's strongest legs and use them to totally annihilate, and almost ruin Jud for life, as every kind of head scissors is brutally applied.