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Crime Doesn't Pay
He breaks into Bunny's house and must be made to pay for his transgression. She makes him pay and pay--with pain and suffering and bondage and humiliation.
63 mins / $49.95

Instant Video

The Obedience Session
Bunny Glamazon stands six feet seven in heels, and she is a dominatrix extrodinaire. Dressed in leather, she invites Dave to her home for an obdeience session.
62 mins / $49.95

The Uncooperative Patient
Glen gets a BIG nurse to care for him but his attitude makes her a big ANGRY nurse. She gives him a big and prolonged dose of some painful medicine.
63 mins / $49.95

The Tenth Victim
Tracy takes her turn at the classic role in black lace panties, a sexy red dress and high heels.
29 mins / $49.95

Lee Price v. Phil
Lee's beautifully developed legs are the star in this video. They seem to have a mind of their own. Phil spends this entire video on the floor. He is reduced to a quivering moaning pathetic and helpless figure, felled by a dynamite set of feet.
34 mins / $49.95

Robin and Treena vs. Phil
A fan's custom request was to see the sexy, dominant Robin (5' 61/2", 130 lbs.) and Treena (5' 7", 134 lbs.) team up to dominate, with feet and ass, a male.
30 mins / $49.95

Treena v. Dick
Treena's loyal fans will thrill to the sight of their fantasy woman, looking sexy beyond belief in her thong bikini, taking Dick apart with her gorgeous feet.
30 mins / $49.95

Our heroine, the beautiful Tracy Turner, has been urged at the behest of a fan to provide him with his fantasy video. Dressed in a sexy outfit, Tracy teases and torments Jud with her beautiful feet.
30 mins / $49.95

Ride 'em Cowgirl!
Incredibly turn-on and mean is Alexis, and she is truly a joy to gehold, as she cruelly and gleefully destroys the asshole Rocky.
30 mins / $49.95

Joan Wise Face Smothering Special - 2
The next face-sitting compilation from a newer series of tapes. Newer gals--just check out the incredible line up of very fine asses which smother the faces in this one!
80 mins / $49.95

Instant Video